About Us

Aqua Tide Pool and Spa Products PTY LTD is a South African, female-owned SMME company, with Level 1 Broad-Based BEE Status incorporated in 2011 and engaging in formulation and supply of Pool and Spa Chemical Products and a range of Household and Industrial Detergents.The company is the evolution of 17 years direct engagement of the owner in the Pool and Spa Industry and whilst the primary business focus is on in-house formulated Pool and Spa Chemicals, an extended range of in-house formulated Household and Industrial Detergent product lines, complements the Pool and Spa Chemical business, seasonal impacts.

Operating in the ‘Consumer Formulated Chemicals’ sub-sector of the Chemical Sector of the South African economy, Aqua Tide Pool and Spa addresses a ‘privileged’ segment of the consumer market dominated by competition of large international brands, however has found its niche space within this through the integrity of the product offer and valuable education of our end customers through Aqua Tide’s water testing program developed through years of experience in this industry. The water test program is a key element of sales which dictated go to market via Specialized Pool Retailers with their Maintenance Services and complementing consumables for pool and spa infrastructure..

Our Values

The pillars that support our fundamental business principles are enshrined and sustained through the following core business values:

Integrity and respect for our clients:

• We promote honesty, integrity, respect and human dignity in all our dealings with clients.

Superior customer service:

• Our clients are our most valued resources and hence we strive in all our dealings to promote customer excellence, exceptional quality service and the concept of ‘best business practices’.

Team Work:

• We enhance team work and collaborative consultation by interfacing with the best resources so that our customers are guaranteed the cumulative skills, resources and capabilities offered by our business.


Partnership and Strategic Alliances:

• Our customers are considered our partners in our business pursuit. We also engage with the best strategic partners in our service delivery.

Entrepreneurial Development:

• We are committed to promote the concept of entrepreneurial and business development in our ecosystem.


We don’t just manufacture, we human factor. We exist to connect families and communities by building a reputable brand and providing South Africans with uncompromised quality through affordable products.


• Create awareness for a market competitive brand whose primary goal is to save the consumer money without compromising on quality.

• Develop a sustainable business, producing and distributing to mass market.

• Earn customer loyalty and respect by providing the uncompromised quality.

• To recognize and seize opportunities for growth that builds upon our strengths and competencies thereby providing further employment in the local economy.